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If there ever was a time for leadership, the pandemic era has been that occasion.

Businesses and organizations receiving visibility and engagement with their products and services are as necessary now as any time in the recent past – possibly more so with the threat of a recession.

For Memphis Business Journal’s next group of Women Who Lead, honoring advertising professionals seemed to be another logical choice. Also logical is highlighting the accomplishments of women who have broken through the glass ceiling and helped define their organizations.

Each woman chosen by MBJ’s editorial team has qualities that define leadership – from guiding their teams on campaigns and advising clients to crucial communications, research, and strategy.

Within advertising, the 10 Women Who Lead honorees are leveraging high-level industry experience at homegrown firms, often ones they’ve founded. Each firm and their featured leaders set themselves apart in the market with varied niches; local, regional, and national client rosters; and service offerings.

Women Who Lead is an ongoing monthly feature in MBJ sponsored by Paragon Bank.


Cara Greenstein directs strategy and implementation of earned and owned media storytelling – media relations, social media and content creation, and email marketing – to provide comprehensive, business-based communications solutions.

Cara takes an interesting approach to goals, believing that organizational goal-setting and intentionality are important, though individual goal-o setting can be limiting in some cases. She says her career is more (of “a series of opportunities and advancements – and it’s far more rewarding than any singular goal.” The greatest trend Cara sees in marketing and communications is public engagement. “With the blurring lines of content creation and owned media, coupled with the growing number of platforms, posts, and people flooding our feeds, the challenge to rise above the noise and make meaningful impact is significant.”

“My collective achievement, which I work toward each day, is to continue building a body of work that has a distinct and measurable influence on our community. In that regard, I’m grateful for the opportunity and trust my clients provide us to not only shape but also foster a brand’s lifecycle from introduction and institutionalization.”


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