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Paradox at PeCo

 Paradox at PeCo


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Unique treasures for those who seek.


Welcome to Paradox at PeCo, a dealer of oddities and unique, unusual treasures. Paradox at PeCo beckons the inquisitive wanderer to journey inside the walls to discover oddities, lagniappes, curiosities, and rarities that transcend an everyday experience into something extraordinary.


From the concept stage to opening day, Paradox at PeCo demanded that each and every touchpoint was as unique as the intention of the retail experience aspired to be. The transformation of an orange concrete block insurance company into the mystic black facade, distinctive display windows, and vintage looking gold signage, visitors are tempted with the allure of “unique treasures for those who seek”.


The brand applications are extensive, but not obtrusive. As a new retail option, Paradox has an essence that often only comes over time. From signage to packaging, from social to web, photography, video, and copy work seamlessly with each other to create a sense of intrigue over simple definition.


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